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Friday, October 20, 2006

Dear English Pen Pal,
How are U? I am good. I am in english class to. My teacher is gay. Oh well! What are U doing? What is english like? American is awesome! I hope U can come here some day! You can stay with me! My dad is nice. Is UR dad nice? Do U have a mom? We have 300 million now. My teacher just said. That is a lot! How many do U have? I saw a picture of english and its small. Sorry! He says its british to. What kind of allowance do U get? My dad gives me money. Before I did chores but he forgot. One day I will be a race car driver and a fireman. What are U gone to be? After english I have math. And then science. They are hard. I hate them. And then I go home. I will play Street Hunted 3. Do U play Street Hunted 3? What is UR favorite game to play? In Street Hunted 3 I am level 5 militia and I carry a fully automatic assalt rifle and a bunch of knifes. I also have a lot gold. Gold is like money but its better. Its awesome. I also have Vandal City. Its fun to. U go to a city and steal every thing. What food do U eat? My dad takes us to restarants. I like Burger Pen and Pizza Jons they are good. My teacher said U arent as poor as indians. Thats good. I hope U have food. Some dont. And some clothes. I have a dog named Rollie to. Do U have N-E pets?
Your America Pen Pal,
Steven Filch