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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Bird Sanctuary, Griffith Park, Los Angeles,
in conjunction with the
Rocky Mount Missouri Screen Actors Guild,
is proud to present

The 2006 Justin Stone Summer Lecture Series

Sign up now for one or more of the following discussions:

* 8 or 9 Habits of the Highly Remorseful Individual

* Stop Short of Success: What You are Doing that Works and How to Quit It

* Snatching Defeat from the Pointy Toothed Jaws of Victory

* Now You're Talking Shit!

* Zen and the Art of Underachievement

* Blow Hard: Things My Mother's Family's Ostracized Brother Always Told Me

* There Will Not Come a Day

* Tell Them Again About What You Did In High School

* Looking Bad and Believing It!!

* Couldn't Be a Better Day to Stay In Bed: Techniques On Calling In Sick and Cancelling Other Appointments

* Debt Schmebt: Say Goodbye To Credit

* The Grid and How to Get Off

* The Moon Is Full Only Once a Month, and Other Poems by Fu Lool: The Poetics of Resignation Through the Ages

* Men & Women are from Earth, You're From the Cold, Dead Eye of an Asteroid's Worm Fossil

* Less Than Those Before Me: Multi-Generational Tales of Giving In to the Nameless and the Faceless

* Let's Face It, You're Not Funny and Neither Is Your Friend

* Indolence is Magic? and Other Holy Follies of Youth

* Life is Good

Lectures are $5 individually, 2 for $10, or any 5 for $25. Payments accepted in cash only and are to be made prior to the lecture. Lectures range anywhere from 5 minutes to several days in length. Bring a sleeping bag. Lectures to take place in Justin Stone's kitchen and/or upon the sidewalk in front the New Beverly Cinema. For further information please email creek_bed (at)