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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Proposed Tag-Lines for The Turkey
A film by Justin Stone

As compiled by Freckle and Sons Media Consultants

* He is afraid.
* Witness the clumsy hand of justice.
* Blind luck without the luck.
* Don't stare up into the rain.
* How's the dangle in your chest?
* That's not a gobbler.
* One of life's most terrible miracles.
* You'll want to wear a mask.
* All beady-eyed and waddling.
* Feed the dumb beast.
* Season's in.
* There's a bone in the breast.
* Get your tail-feathers in a knot.
* It gets caught in the throat.
* Who else is going to do nothing?
* Beware the coming dawn.
* Remember how good it used to taste.
* Gaggle down.
* Shit where you eat.
* Hunt this.
* This city needs stuffing and dressing.
* Some birds weren't meant to fly.
* Give no thanks this season.
* How fowl.
* Not all plumage is brilliant.
* To materialize in a fog at sunrise.
* Save the neck for me, Clark.
* The city needs a savior. But this guy will do.
* While you're asleep at 4 a.m. he's doubled up in pain.
* Just the way everybody in this city walks around so confident and charmed-like it makes him sick.