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Saturday, November 18, 2006

A track listing was announced today for the upcoming album by Justin Stone and the Sea of Tuscumbia. The LP is tentatively titled Looks Like You're the One Who's Laughing Now.

Track listing:

1. A Man To Move A Mountain (A Man To Cry)
2. Blue Jeaned Dreamer
3. Look Ma, No Clean Hands
4. To Dodge A Falling Star
5. Wet Eyed Woman
6. The Night Old Dixie Drove Off The Road
7. Might We Get Lucky Tonight?
8. I Lost Count At Two
9. Skinny Got Juked
10. Blisters and Blisters
11. Rights Read (Early Sunday Morning)
12. Two Wings and a Prayer

The album--described by Stone as "a country album"--was recorded at legendary Water Moccasin Studios in Longbellow, Texas, and was produced by Pill Covington (The Salt Shakers, Donny's Revenge, Radiohead). The album will be released by Bait & Tackle Records on January 23, 2007. "31 years in the making," Stone wrote us by e-mail, "and [the album] doesn't even come close."

Put your boots on and cut something.