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Monday, January 22, 2007

a pit in the stomach kind of feeling


a movement

safe journey, Space Man,
wherever you are—
“there is something you want,
but they don’t have it here”

neighbor in his country home
sports a sign out front:
my elusive dream
meanwhile, llama and cow
graze side-by-side on highway z

hands to the face gentle, imploring:
“please call me. i want so much to talk with you.
please call me when you can.”
and out of the car and the car pulling from the driveway,
i walk through a scattered crowd
of friend and family, into the house

room to let

the note read:
“have gone swimming @ the creek. love.”

tonight, it is raining. a good, soft rain. one which pacifys the environment, leaves the world wet, clean & new. a smell. all over again.

excellent stuff for the keeping quiet