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Sunday, April 15, 2007

It is Sunday and everybody knows that Sundays are great days to watch hardcore metal music videos. Today I was lollygagging about the interweb in my special little hat and special little shoes and I came upon a curious kernel. I was the lead actor in a music video for the song Eradication by California metal rockers All Shall Perish last year. I understand that the video has seen time on MTV2 Headbangers Ball and other outlets and that All Shall Perish is quite a popular band in their field. Today I see that the video has been posted on YouTube in an "uncut" version and that as of this moment the video has been viewed 70,814 times. (I should note that my mother is probably responsible for 30,000 to 40,000 of these viewings.)

Click here to watch the Eradication.

BONUS TREAT: If you are interested in debating the competitive merits of deathmetal versus hardcoremetal versus justplainmetal versus grindcoremetal versus horrormetal versus blackmetal versus technicalmetal versus clownmetal versus bobsegermetal versus oldschoolmetal versus newmetal and doing so with lots of indignation and curse words then brew up several pots of coffee and join in on the enlightening message thread accompanying the YouTube video.

It is a special age we live in. We truly are the most special people of all time. I am reminded of this every time I fall down the stairs and open my eyes.

When I am not sitting in my flooded basement writing these skinny creekbed notes or screenplays I sometimes like to put on my orange jump suit, rubber gloves and clothsack mask, string some dolls from the ceiling, mash up some cigarette butts in a bucket, tie a friend into an oldfashioned wheelchair and read aloud choice passages of literature.

Alright, alright. No, you are right, we are not done. I can read the thoughts in your mind as if you were this book of Leonard Cohen poetry on my desk. Longtime creekheads will know that this is not the first time I played a disturbed sociopath in a metal music video. Several years ago I was lead actor in the video for the hit song Decency Defied by deathmetal legends Cannibal Corpse. Went to Florida, hung out the Corpse, did some method work in Ybor City. Good stuff. A little search on YouTube reveals that the Cannibal Corpse video has been viewed 90,491 times. I cannot figure out what all of this means.

Click here to watch Decency Defied. (When this video was in post-production there was a big push to sanitize the visuals in an attempt to get it approved for air on MTV2, and this is why so much of the video now has the solarized effect, rendering it nearly unintelligible. Earlier versions of the video were much more graphic. I'm not sure such versions of the video are available anywhere other than my shelf. This is probably for the best.)

There is a great argument underway at the top of this YouTube video's message thread about whether or not Black Sabbath "invented" metal. What do you think? Do not sit there and try to tell me you haven't spent some time thinking about this. Well, get over there and let the seething mass know how you vaguely feel this second. The internet was given unto us that we might come together as one and argue over bullshit.

I have to ask, how much decency have you defied today? Any at all? Get out there, make your mothers and grandmothers proud.

On that note... Happy 75th birthday to my beloved Grandma T! She of the unmatched lifeforce, she of the keen eye and fine wit and quick smile. She of the finest living room in the known world. She who has loved and supported me with vigor. Grandma T, I love you. Hopefully I will act in another deathmetal video very soon.