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Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Fruit Broke

I was reading an old notebook today and realized that I lifted some key words used in a piece here on creekbed that I had read elsewhere, noted, and then internalized.

In this piece I write "Fruit breaking upon the limb / In New Missouri".

The words had been written by Aleksander Hemon in a poem (much better than the one I wrote) called The Bees, Part One. Lines in his poem read "Fruit breaking upon the limb / in Bosnia". I had found Aleksander's poem and written it down, it was so nice. And then those words squirted out of me about five years later. Wrong, but really interesting.

My deepest apologies to the great writer Aleksander Hemon. My theft was unintentional yet wrong.

After careful consideration the revised line in my piece now reads "Arms and legs akimbo / In New Missouri". You got it: Bending my meter all out of shape. [Har har. Cough. Blinky blink.]

It is delicate out here on the edge.

Hello to everybody! You are awesome.
What did the fish say to the fish?