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Thursday, October 04, 2007

International superstar Skip Lotem was driving around the desert southwest in search of "himself". In a dusty little border town called El Paso he went downtown to "where the alligators used to be". He found no alligators, but what he did find was a fellow named Doug Doug, underground word processor/verb agitator/homeless man. Kinship ensued. Electricity. Following the breaking of bread and chilaquiles, theirs was a natural progression to the locally renowned home studio "Li'l Pink". The mountains vibrated, the skies cried. A pug laughed. Seven tracks were laid down over two days. The "No Why's, No What's" EP was born. Music scholars will debate the implications of these songs for generations to come, but one thing is clear: EVERYTHING IN THE MUSICAL LANDSCAPE HAS CHANGED.

I invite you to listen, dance, weep with joy, rub a pug, and wash a butt:

Skip Lotem and Doug Doug