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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Wanted -- Gutless Roberts rookie card, Kansas City Bucks, 1953, manufactured by Daddy Breath Cigarette Card Company

Wanted -- "A spirit of shared destiny"

Wanted -- lifetime tandem pass, Atlantis Bath-House, amenities included please

Wanted -- The Voynich Manuscript, please return to the family

Wanted -- any teeth of any royalty

Wanted -- a ride on Johnny Hartford's riverboat, preferably under full moon, late spring

Wanted -- faces in the water

Wanted -- one coastal redwood, real

Wanted -- small and thoughtful movements, you

Wanted -- original pressing of Blackberry County Line's debut album, A Wing And That Other Thing, featuring the original "nude creek" cover

Wanted -- camping trip, conversation with Eddie Vedder... Eddie??

Wanted -- wakeful dream

Wanted -- Powerless Joe Jackson rookie card, The Mountain Sox, 1919, manufactured by Ol Brown Eyes Whisky Collectible Card Company

Wanted -- comfortable silence

Wanted -- the all-new two-thousand dollar Gelapi

Wanted -- a minstrel's life

Wanted -- participants for the upcoming reality series Doom & Groom -- "Are you engaged to your downfall?? Contact us and let us know!! We want you! Send us a tape and let us know why you think you're closer to the abyss than the next person! Submissions to Associated TV Production Company Television."

Wanted -- a float trip, cooler full of ice, a friend's dog

Wanted -- a warm place to land

Wanted -- all the love I never gave

Wanted -- a deeper understanding still

Wanted -- lost-porch weirdness

Wanted -- songs by a fire

Wanted -- any original theatrical posters featuring silent film clown Buster Koan