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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

studying the hidden narratives in the Smokey & the Bandit trilogy
what if there IS an un-released version of part 3?
one in which Gleason is both a Smokey AND a Bandit?
the outcome of our lives is being decided in a southland high-rise
most of us do not have an estate willing or able to buy back the print
most stories are sitting around untold
while a pack brays the same story over and over again...
in Smokey & the Bandit we come to see the caricature of a caricature by a higher-consciousness caricature –
the Dalai Lummox
a floppy-eared dog named Fred holds the entire thing together...
it is unclear why for the Bandit this Job is so hard, or so important,
especially unclear what it is about the job that makes him a Legend...

moose twit, tick turd, lollipop, summbitch

“a long way to go, and short time to get there – watch ol’ Bandit run...”
red button down shirt, vagina pants, cowboy hat and Trans Am—
toss in a mustache and you have a LEGEND

i offer my bald services for your reboot