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Friday, September 30, 2011

A friendly reminder:
MOTEL, GLIMPSE -- a film by Zach Passero and Justin Stone --remains available via Tembloroso Creative Lab. This Special Edition DVD contains the final mix & edit of the movie, a score by Jim Ward (At The Drive-In, Sparta, Sleepercar), original package artwork by Zeque Peña, the first episode of Justin Stone's silently lauded Rookie Night radio theatre, and a 30-minute outtake reel that deserves some late night attention. Sawbones diagnosed us with the summer complaint. Saw dust in a sandpaper suit.
Click here to go to the Tembloroso MOTEL, GLIMPSE page.

Or too, you may click here in order to watch MOTEL, GLIMPSE instantly via Amazon's Video on Demand service.

And if you care, help spread the word. These are do-it-yourself, grassroots efforts. All the way. Where things happen is out in the hinterlands.
More soon. New screenplays are done.