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The Anterior Insula and Hwy W

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don’t go to Florida with your shirt on—

Suffers severe insomnia—
Motor oil & fescue
and growing timid on the inside.

“We haven’t seen you in a while . . . you been okay?”

The shot of Frederick boarding the aeroplane . . .

His eyes say 
the mind at times
 is difficult

Then the bathroom, the mirror:
smug druggling
vocalizes tone poem

He wonders if this ball might have late life on it

Don’t go to Florida with your shirt on—

Messages in and out of Dead Shirt

**Emergent pattern/Earthwhile Stephanie**

Benny comes over to help fix the car, drink a couple beers:

eyes knowing looks

“I had a dream . . .
a big trembling face”

“I was looking for Vertigo’s Cure”

That first night something moves across the yard . . .
And there again
Our chest drops

They wonder if it is Milt Woodcut