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Saturday, November 24, 2012

I don't know that you'll hear a better band this year than Cleoflatula and the Soft Sons of the Sons of Rome. Their forthcoming album Dept of Swollen Interiors was recorded almost entirely underwater. Today we have a peek at the track list. "We were definitely chasing something shiny on this one," Cleoflatula said. Venerable record label Bait & Tackle is calling it "a new kind of dense."

Dept of Swollen Interiors
Cleoflatula and the Soft Sons of the Sons of Rome
Bait & Tackle, 2013
1. Human Certification Practice Test
2. And I Was a Pants-Less Lad
3. Chutes & Chutes
4. Has Anybody Seen My Mood?
5. Ignoble Butthurt
6. Keep Me In The Breasts Of What Is Happening
7. Nobody Knows Ludlow / Split The Mountain Down The Middle / Used To Be No One Could Get There In Time (The Good Ol' Days)
8. The House Where The Worst Serial Killer In The Nation Lives Is Right Down The Street Here If You Want To Go Take A Look Around
9. Texas Men Of Emissions
10. If I Speak Loud Enough You Can Get Drunk Too
11. I Was A Lad In Pants
12. The Day They Shut The Doors On My Dad's Robert Plant
13. F*ck Me (Where Did I Put That Mood?)