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Friday, November 02, 2012

At the very least you might vote against the extreme right wing of the Republican party establishing an even greater control of the Supreme Court for what could be a very long time. The next president of the United States may well appoint two, maybe three new Supreme Court Justices in the next four years. We cannot let that president be Mitt Romney. We cannot let the extreme right wing of the Republican party exert this kind of outsized presence in the future of our world. And this obscene wing of the Republican party -- they are running this show. Know that. Romney is a shit-eating figurehead. He is a confused lottery winner unable to acknowledge or even begin to comprehend privilege and what it means in our society. The privilege blinder remains a problem fundamental to our present society and in Romney it is manifest.

Romney. After a bloody primary this manicured dud was eventually and reluctantly allowed by the extreme right wing of the Republican Party to what looks like the front of the line. They hope Romney can confuse the country as to what their party's leadership stands for. In truth, they know that their policies are terrible for all but the mega rich and war profiteers and that they represent outdated social ideas an ever growing majority of Americans disagree with. If he is elected they know that Romney will fail, that their policies will once again wreak social havoc, and that Romney will be voted out of office in 2016. They do not give a shit. As with Bush, they will blame the man, not the plan. And it is the same damn plan! It has always been the same plan. Their party as it presently exists is in its last throes. The things they stand for are increasingly irrelevant. And because of that they covet this election. It is why they are spending/wasting billions of dollars on a propaganda machine. It is their last hard hustle. They think if they can just sneak in there by way of Romney they can enact policy and appoint judges that might cement our lives in their awful designs for a long time to come.

I think you have to get out and vote. And tell all you know to get out and vote. Even -- especially! -- in states where you might think the end result is a foregone conclusion. No! Vote. Be counted. Let the extremists know you are out there and that your voice is always growing.

The extreme right wing of the Republican party would push fear on you. Do not let them do this. Hope. Pray. Believe. There are countless problems endemic to our society and the fact that we only broadcast two parties, both of whom are entrenched in the design, remains obscene to me, but I believe only one of the two major candidates in this presidential election thinks past the present selfish day. That is Barack Obama.

The reasons I have to vote for Barack Obama are endless. I like many of the things he wants to do. He is saying them. He is not hiding his plans. I wish he were not blocked at every turn by a defensive, obstinate, backward looking congress of lizards, as well as a polarizing ratings-driven media. Obama is a friend to evolution. He is a friend to education. He is a friend to empathy. I am deeply grateful for his presence in this world. I know that any future we might have is better with President Barack Obama.