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Monday, July 01, 2013

Glasbox - A good place in El Paso

Good Glasbox memory: late september 2011, I played out: a glimpse for me: a body of then-new songs: a beginning. Good Glasbox memory: Susan Klahr changed my life. Good Glasbox memory: strange and exhilarating The Border Theatre just going for it, like corporate storytelling never happened. Good Glasbox memory: drum and dance every Sunday, circles always new. Good Glasbox memories: crossed paths with countless solid smiling folks, children.

Then there is ForWord - A BorderSenses Literacy Project. The Philosophic Systems Institute. Apt Movement. Glasbox is home to many and much. Wi-Fi access. Community spaces. Studios. Areas one can work.

This good place needs support right now. Please consider a contribution to Glasbox. Here is the Glasbox website. Here is the It's A Wonderful Life fundraiser. Your good will grows. Thank you.