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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Today in shit memes:

1) "Illegal" isn't a noun, racist. No human being is illegal.
1-A) Real life human beings are killed and otherwise terribly violated over this rhetoric.
1-B) All of this land is stolen, desecrated.
2) The right wing oligarchy is doing nothing for "homeless veterans" or "citizens".
2-A) I realize this is like shooting fish in a barrel (a cliché dumb and meaningless as anything in these memes, or graphic texts, the vapid recycled language which has also become our public discourse), but the recurring "homeless veterans" trope in these right wing memes is ridiculous. One, there is no scarcity of resources. The constructed competition between "us" and "them" is bullshit; we are all oppressed by global capitalism. Two, one of the right wing oligarchy's greatest successes is, in fact, the continual creation of more and more people who are homeless, refugees, and/or veterans, if not dead.
3) According to my friends who are friends with him, Sam Elliott is not a dumb asshole.
4) "Cupcake"? Really? How repressed are you? How gross?
5) Reading "I don't think so cupcake" with its missing comma makes perfect declamation.
6) A woman's life and body is hers, King Crapcake.
7) Please read a text, any text, without graphics and more than 20 inane words.
8) "morals"