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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I read a new novel that I can not stop thinking about: The City of Folding Faces, written by Jayinee Basu, published by Lanternfish Press, is a wondrous, strange, and necessarily disturbing exploration of areas like consciousness, technology, advertising, communication, drugs, yearning, and love. Speculative and immediate, intellectual and achingly visceral, herein core human questions thrum. Mirroring the narrative's content and form I felt often like I was beyond my body, sensing vividly the constructedness and limitations of the phenomena we call self, what marketers and other power brokers covet as tastes and hopes and desires and fears. Basu's lyrical text both haunts and enthralls. This one is for poetic fiction travelers.

You may consider and order Jayinee Basu's The City of Folding Faces from the good folks at Lanternfish Press here.

You want to hold this one. What a wonderful book design: