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Sunday, November 27, 2005

A hero, Seymour Cassell, holding a piece of paper that says Justin Stone.
Image courtesy of Seymour and my girlfriend, Valerie:

Valerie & Seymour
Image courtesy of all things Strange & Wonderful

(Valerie would be upset if I didn't point out that she has some kind of contraption in her mouth. She enjoys fake teeth in her mouth very much!)

And on that note, I wish to announce my retirement. These two images, taken together, are more than any one man can be expected to fathom in the course of one life. I am spent. I wish all of you Poise, Decency, Grace and Dignity. May you find your own Seymour Cassell one day and may he hold up a piece of notebook paper upon which your very name has been scrawled in ink. Travel light. And fast. And know all the while that I sit somewhere with feet raised high above my head, resting comfortably, and know that a tear cuts a solitary path down my cheek. Good night. God bless. Eat right.