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Sunday, November 06, 2005


...rambling really, joyous, innocent and self-obsessed, self-centric, the universe of association and reference revolve most certainly round my head. the game is afoot. let chance fall where it may, but with heady endeavor may i find myself with no small degree of control within chance's flight. be now clear-headed and bold, though not blunt or obvious, for such will not win this day of subtle gamesmanship...

it is a vanity,
it is a tweaked drive south and west
and then souther and wester.
i long to have some chat with you.
may the fates set us down in a quonset hut
or a tent, or in a cabin or palatial manse,
on a plain or hill,
for i have some pictures to show you,
i have a few stories to tell,
and if you have got the time
i would loke to walk about in your clothes.
consider it done, my friend,
consider it a global summit,
and in the very late of night
we will paint our bodies blue,
as the kids climb the walls
we will make eyes, me and you.
consider it sacred, consider it profane,
consider it a wide wide world of goonball shit.
you will not see anything the same way twice.
in fact you will not see anything you have seen again.
in our dreams we are hectic,
the action is special,
we will chaos into thought
and thought into doing.
the system is endless,
emotions and friendships fill the sails.
consider us fluid atop fluid,
the great problem of the solid state.
you got your boats, you got your whales,
you got your oceans and your tidal waves,
you got unknown reaches above and below,
you got madness and ecstasy,
you got the roll, the cabin floor.
lay us down lay us down
lay us down tonight.
may we round the corners fair
and up the stairs and out the window
into wild night.
consider it stupid, consider it sublime,
consider it brown, a trick of the eye,
consider it the the best it is going to be:
a simple thing within a simple thing
within a simple and a simple thing.
we stand fluid on fluid feet atop a thing
which never stops moving,
though the orbit is proving itself
susceptible to everything.
i will take a bowl of primordial soup
and a salad tossed in darkness.