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Friday, October 21, 2005

Indie Rock Projects I'm Getting Off the Ground
(Note: I will gladly sell out just as soon as somebody asks.)

Smokey Little Puppy
Christian Death Ensemble
The Battle of Troy Robinett
Alligator Crocodile
Bill's Fertile Crescent
Humpback & Dromedary
Thicket of Pine
Man-Sized Thingie
Bad-Hair Life
The Flamboyant Return of Jamison
Saturated Fat
Houndstooth Jacket
The One Stooges
Protean Sporty
Freak Boat
Honey Springs Baptist Church
High Falutin
Horsehair Junction
Atlantis Bath-House
Sharp-Dressed Failure
Ballad of Fartbag
Black Bean Dumbo
Applied Behavior Analysis
Old Mex
The Hind Tit
Rythm and Sin
Brand Spankin New
Time-Out Room
Soiled Doves
Fair But Frail Ones
Wild Times Saloon
Lunas Peliculas
Will Rogers TurnSpike
Edith and Booster