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Monday, March 06, 2006

Chris Sivertson's film The Lost is having its stateside premiere next week at the South By Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas. I inhabit the role of one Ken Wellman in this movie, a player in the harrowing final sequence, and am proud of both my work and Chris' fine film. It is a wild one. You can go to the South By Southwest website and watch The Lost trailer. You will be able to see me in the last two shots of the trailer. The Lost, based on the novel by esteemed literary horror writer Jack Ketchum, will no doubt see additional screenings in festivals far and wide, and will eventually be distributed. Keep your eyes peeled.

Check out The Lost website.

Chris Sivertson, whom I have known and worked with for 10 years, also served as Director of Photography and Camera Operator on the gut-bending final act of my movie motel, glimpse.

To my legions of Austin readers: I will be in attendance at the South By Southwest Film Festival next week, and no doubt I will be wearing my very special thriftshop debutante ball gown. Look for the guy with ocean eyes and flowers in his hair perched up in the rafters of the Alamo Drafthouse cinema. Afterwards you may hustle me in the street.