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Friday, July 28, 2006

i have posted a new song, mexico, over at justin stone and the sea of tuscumbia. another pretty rough demo, but of higher quality yet than anything posted. i'm finally working with a good guy at the boards, a gifted human being, in his private studio, but he is so good and so meticulous he would probably be remiss that i'm posting the efforts of one night's rough work as a song. but. who knows when and how all these things may go down. there may not be another chance. i feel good enough about the efforts to gather fire. and i'm the jack-rabbit. i can't wait a minute. so here is a new song for your ears. rough and tumble and wild. this is the early result of a new wave of recording, and thus i hope for more soon. NOTE: quiet song, quiet song, rough mp3... the best way to listen is to put some headphones on, turn it way way up, and drive into houston to get some aerosmith tickets.

please note that the provided link above is a myspace page. i don't know how to post the song for rabbit ears otherwise, but you do not have to be a member of myspace to listen to music on a myspace music page. so go listen. go listen.

other'n that. well. love.