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Thursday, August 24, 2006

State of the Union

You asked all of them to leave
in that special way you have of not asking,
and some time later you think you may go mad so lonely,
but such is not madness,
and such is not loneliness.

You may no longer claim to be the great ape hayseed.

Progress tonight will be judged by the number of cigarettes you do not smoke,
the number of drinks you do not imbibe,
and you are 0-for-Alot.
It is well to feel proud—
There is no secret to the fact you could stand to afford yourself a great deal more pride.
This necessity is, in fact, about the only thing you can now afford!
Be not spendthrift, Abe, be not threadbare,
for you have a holy heart
and a well-travelled pair of shoes.
And you have so much work to do.