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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The best record that you have not heard is finally available. The prolific Jaye Barnes Luckett, as Poperratic, has been at work on her opus for a very long time and the results are astounding. The album is called Vagus (the wandering nerve), and it is a sweeping collection of songs. It is pop, rock, rhythm, soul, blues, punk, gospel, opera, cinema, poetry. Each song is a kind of epic narrative, driven by hard guitar, pop guitar, melody, some keyboards, and always that voice. Jaye's voice is rich, soulful, her lyrics cutting, funny, surreal, full of history, personal and otherwise. The album is full of hooks, dramatic changes. Vagus is the cluster of nerves in your body known as the second brain. The body brain. The root. Jaye has tapped hers. The music is indepedent in a way no other music today can lay claim to. Original. Deep. And you will dance. There will come a day when Jaye's work is widely recognized as masterpiece. Right now, it is yours. Where it will always belong.

Just take a good long look at the album cover at the top of this post.

Jaye has been recognized for her work as Music Supervisor to the cinema of Lucky McKee--movies like May, The Woods, and Sick Girl (from Showtime's Masters of Horror series). I can't tell you how many times I've come across people online trying to figure out who the person behind these original tunes and score is. It is Jaye Barnes Luckett. She has also contributed music to the films of Angela Bettis and Kevin Ford, quite specially in the soon to DVD Roman. And more movies are coming down the pipe this very instant. Jaye also brings voice and music to the powerhouse new trip-hop outfit Deuxo, alongside the widely recognized electronic musician/DJ Schpilkas. One of Deuxo's songs was recently featured in the Courtney Cox series Dirt on the FX Network. You definitely need some Deuxo in your soul bones too. Shake something loose. Finally.

Go find out where you can buy Vagus (the wandering nerve) at the official Poperratic website. She has a lot of things going on at the website. You'll find high quality music downloads, writing, forums, pretty much whatever your Poperratic heart desires. Go, go, go.

Official Deuxo Website
Poperratic on Myspace
Deuxo on Myspace

Also a big shout out to producer, mixer and engineer extraordinaire Dave Lopez who helped Jaye realize this record. Check him at Dizmix.

I cannot recommend any of this music enough. I'll just sound silly if I keep trying. The music is real.