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Monday, April 16, 2007

Let us assume for a moment that the rates for Mercury Automobile Insurance really are so low because the company is being run by Aliens from the Planet Mercury. Let us assume that the fellow driving around the country in a seemingly insane quest to get to the bottom of this mystery really is on to something amazing. My question is this: what would these Aliens from the Planet Mercury stand to gain by offering such low rates? What is in it for them? Did they cross the awful expanse of the solar system to more or less give insurance away to the drivers of our country? Could this be cosmic altruism at work? Or could it be that they are wildly ignorant to standard business practices within today's American automobile insurance industry? Could the Aliens from the Planet Mercury be that naive? It would not seem so, not given the fact that they were able to fly to our planet in the first place, and then go about getting a business license and plan together and all that. Why wouldn't they just sell us Brain TVs or Memory Pants? Either product would make tons of money. I mean, it just seems insane. Which leads me finally to wonder whether or not this isn't all some kind of trick? Are these automobile insurance rates--rates characterized by all involved as "so low"--are they some kind of smokescreen? Are we as consumers--lovers one and all of Earth life and sweet auto insurance deals--strolling blindly into a trap? The first stage of some evil scheme hatched in the cold, unrelenting brain of a Mercurian business dynamo?

Should I acquire Mercury Automobile Insurance? Do I have any choice?