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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a film by Jeff Nichols

There is a great work of cinema currently playing in theaters, though not many, and probably not for long (as is often the case with the truly good ones) -- A film called SHOTGUN STORIES by writer/director Jeff Nichols. Here in Los Angeles it is playing the Sunset 5 right now (as in April 29, 2008). It is one of those flicks I cannot imagine having not seen in a theater. I urge you to check it out. Lyrical, moving, funny, tense, profound. Beautiful. Shot in Arkansas, the movie renders this piece of the country and its folks in a detail that is rare and elegant, sweaty and poetic. I was grateful for a trip home, even if it was a tense one. The payoff is so fine, so nice. The movie also has a great score/soundtrack, laid down by Ben Nichols (Jeff’s brother, I guess/hope (because that’s fine, brothers!)) and his great band (a band I greatly admire) Lucero, also a band called Pyramid I will be digging into.

If you’re in a town this movie is playing, I urge you to go support it. If this isn’t possible, you might look for it soon on DVD. But it’s cinema, and if you might sit in a theater with it, things happen.

I don’t do this often, but with SHOTGUN STORIES I felt a need to help spread the word on, little as my word is. There is a thing kindred here.

Check out for screening locations/times, a trailer, cast & crew details, and to hear a piece of the evocative score.