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Sunday, November 04, 2012

And for the love of simplicity and decency get rid of the Electoral College already. Why do we not shout this from the rooftops? The argument that the Electoral College is the only thing empowering "small" states does not hold sway in the interconnected world of today. In fact most voters today are excluded from the dialogue and from a vote that counts because of the Electoral College and the system's resultant focus on a few "battleground" states. What we need is these candidates (all of them! all parties!) addressing the all of us all at once, fully addressing our many diverse dilemmas, questions, and concerns. Not just a few broad and purposefully vague polling topics. And we need to directly address these candidates. We need more of these candidates, more choices. Legitimate choices. We need room for a wider spectrum of communication, opinion, and democratic dissent. Dialogue and discussion has been effectively stifled in our society and the Electoral College is one of the key ways this has happened.