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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Night Moves, by the wildly creative Stephanie Barber, repurposes comments from a Youtube page for Bob Seger's song "Night Moves," and I read the book fascinated. Of course there is basic survival truth to the Internet commonplace "don't ever read the comments" — I closed the comment option at Creekbed's beginning some fifteen years ago because I knew you weirdos, saboteurs, and bots. However, Barber's deeply strange text allows quieted consideration of the ubiquitous but practically invisible internet thicket: nostalgia, sentimentality, earnestness, pettiness, idiocy, privilege, illiteracies, and mental illness.

Night Moves is available here from the good folks at Publishing Genius who have many, many great books. And finally and forever, for all this goddamned and glorious media, you can't beat the book for active reflection.  

Several years back I scratched a little riff on Seger/Night Moves.