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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sediment & Erosion Control
For All Your Erosion Control Needs

Period One
subject: Dropsy
room: Animal Kingdom
instructor: Shingles

Period Two
subject: Perfect Teeth
room: Dairy Farm
instructor: The Undoug

Period Three
subject: Folderol
room: The Alley
instructor: Turkey

Period Four
subject: Beer Eyes
room: Downtown
instructor: Doug

Period Five
subject: Wolf Tickets
room: The Back Room
instructor: Old Ghost

Period Six
subject: Chicken
room: Living Room
instructor: Chicken

Nighttime On The Ship

Period Seven
subject: mumble patterns
room: the galley
instructor: msr. h. wallop, visiting instructor

Period Eight
subject: driving & crying (land legs)
room: the foredeck
instructor: judge bruce springfield

calisthenics, wind noises, finger painting
poolside with rodrigo!

Period Ten
subject: long time coming
room: captain’s quarters
instructor: asst. captain stephanie