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Friday, February 23, 2007

Too Many Crooks In The Kitchen
by Jack T. Manpillar
Another Donk Holiday novel in stores this spring!

Your favorite Midwestern junk dealer, horticulturist and neurotically private detective is back for another helping, and this time the last course consists of lemon meringue murder! Let Donk pour you a drink, because he’s having one, and join him while he tries to figure out what ‘the deal’ is inside the new ‘seafood’ restaurant in downtown Winebottom, Arkansas.

"I would hate Donk Holiday except I love him." -- Karkus Review
"Manpillar has done it again. His latest book reeks of sweat, intrigue and mystery fish." -- New York Conversant
"Lively and Entertaining! Donk Holiday orders up a fresh serving of Salty Smarm!" -- Jones Beach Gazette

Also be sure to check out last year’s number one bestseller:

Ghost Of A Chance
by Jack T. Manpillar

Head on down to New Orleans with Donk Holiday and roll the dice onboard the nation’s oldest haunted casino boat, The Dusky Jewel. Once you’re off land the Big Easy turns into the Big Queasy and all bets on are on the table—right next to the Voodoo Dagger!

"This one grabbed me by the nuts and wouldn't let go. Manpillar's got grip." -- Omaha Daily Gamble

Other Donk Holiday titles by Jack T. Manpillar

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Make It A Doppelganger, Barkeep

Be A Good Boy Now And Call Your Mom A Bitch (out of print)
Too Many Rides At The County Fair (originally titled Have You Ever Smelled The Midway?)