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Thursday, February 23, 2006

"I'd settle for a dollar," he said, smiling, "...if I won a million?"

end of the best conversation i never had

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I posted two more land shanties over at Justin Stone and the Sea of Tuscumbia. Like W. Wiggins at the end of Dazed & Confused sit back against the bed's headboard, put the headphones on and turn up. There is only one way to hear what is happening.

Ready gets punched the hell out by Renfro in a still from motel, glimpse. To help support this movie please bury a shiny kernel of your love in the back yard. We will dig you up in one hundred years, and there shall be cause to celebrate.

Tomorrow we drive into Houston to get some Aerosmith tickets.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Secret Life of Facial Tactics

a) old growth beard
b) the devastation of modern face clearing techniques
c) dingdang
d) i'm going to kick tomorrow
c) i wish you strength endurance and clarity, love

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

nonsense, sonny


Socked in at a disenchanted port, he is overcome with a feeling like jet-lag for a trip he has yet to make. He feels as though he has been here before. He sits, blinkered, unwilling to move, unable to move, just outside the seeming present tense. He has been prone to such daydream spell as long as he can remember (sitting in the hot car with windows rolled up in the grocery store parking lot). The eyes settle on a thing--in the direction of a thing--though the eyes register nothing of import to the mind's current process and a doubling of vision occurs. The inner ear's pitch registers a just-audible shift. What is this? He has these grooves in his mind. Once in such a groove all else in the material world falls away bit by perceptible bit. Image-memory unplaceable to either context or source skitters teasingly across his conscious thought (moving across the land's face, a damp, lowlit living room, a long-ago attic space of family friends, a breathing porch screened-in from the rain). He wonders if he needs to eat more vitamins. He wonders if he may be anemic, or a touch narcoleptic. He wonders if he may be an empath. He wonders if he may be ill.