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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One of the primary factors perpetuating our social duress is poverty, and rather than have the necessary conversations about poverty what we get is an intentional, violent war on the poor. The war on the poor originates with titans of extreme, predatory capitalism, a system that both creates and depends on an exploitable poverty class. Via relentless media mouthpieces, the war is insinuated between those burdened by poverty, as well as between they and an impressionable middle class, along race lines. By design, the middle class—itself living a tenuous existence under extreme, predatory capitalism—then comes to angrily, irrationally blame the poor (again, often along race lines) for our social ills. Extreme, predatory capitalists delight at the deflection and obfuscation of blame because they, as a result, remain unexamined, effectively outside the popular conversation, if one can even call it a conversation. The problematic workings of the entire unchecked economic system remain outside the so-called conversation. Systemic poverty is, of course, complexly related to institutional racism. As with poverty, our racism is a conversation that too many people do not want—and most often do not even know how—to have. When one’s existence is terrorized by generational, historical racism and poverty—and such is one of the few appropriate uses of the word terror—anger, frustration, and hopelessness is a natural byproduct. Finally: extreme, predatory capitalism’s intentional undercutting of critical, reflective, and humane public educational and health opportunities perpetuates all of the above.

In short: extreme, predatory capitalists know how to get us, how to pull our strings, how to use and exploit us. More, via now-ubiquitous broadcast and popular media outlets they have the most effective propaganda system in human history at their disposal. The system sells itself over and over and over again. As with religions of old we are constructed to see it as the only possibility, the rightful, natural order of things. Noncritical-Consumer-Us is this system’s triumphant product, a product that self-replicates over and over and over again.

Others have described the above phenomena—a terrible global situation—in texts much more effective and detailed than this one, but the basics of the situation cannot be stressed enough, because the message must pass through almost endless channels of interference.

Poverty is violence. Racism is violence. Extreme, predatory capitalism is violence. People and planet die.

We can create new possibilities.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Customer service-
Its a very god gag reel but I can't stop it even when I keep pressing the button? Is there a way to fix my screen? Can I get the money back? I have trouble breathing also the sound is very low.
Is there way to talk to a person? Should I just buy the second part instead of?

Friday, December 19, 2014

In defense of whom?

Hollywood elite--implicitly and explicitly representing transnational corporate interests whose operations depend on the repression and redirection of speech--again pat themselves on back for superiority over North Korea and hope for big returns. Meanwhile, life in the so-called West is a mess but Sony and the rest of Hollywood won't narratively touch it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Insert Fox News
broadcasters for prosecutors
and you have the same moral

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: But the bigger—that’s the bigger question, in my mind. It’s not what she did, but what prosecutors did, because either—
WILLIAM BASTONE: It’s mystifying.
JUAN GONZÁLEZ: —they were totally inept in one of—as you say, one of the biggest cases in recent times, of national attention, or they knew or suspected that she was lying and didn’t care, which was even worse.

WILLIAM BASTONE: “. . . they basically allowed her story now to get baked into the narrative of the grand jury.” and America

Monday, December 01, 2014

Department of Nude Jokes

Facts are facts are