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Monday, February 28, 2011

"Motel, Glimpse" Trailer from Zaebo Pasca on Vimeo.

You may now order the Special Edition DVD of Motel, Glimpse by Justin Stone and Zach Passero over here at the new and spiffy online collective that is Tembloroso Creative Lab.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bumberhaven, Connecticut
August 14, 1971

...somebody understands something...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He spent years working on what was to be a kind of final statement, his literary master-work. How was he to know that someone else at that very moment was also working on a tome entitled The Little Red Book?

History forgets most of us, disregards the rest.

In a tiny bookshop, beneath a pile of dusty Playboy magazines, lies a tiny red piece of the rest of the story.


Wanted -- Gutless Roberts rookie card, Kansas City Bucks, 1953, manufactured by Daddy Breath Cigarette Card Company

Wanted -- "A spirit of shared destiny"

Wanted -- lifetime tandem pass, Atlantis Bath-House, amenities included please

Wanted -- The Voynich Manuscript, please return to the family

Wanted -- any teeth of any royalty

Wanted -- a ride on Johnny Hartford's riverboat, preferably under full moon, late spring

Wanted -- faces in the water

Wanted -- one coastal redwood, real

Wanted -- small and thoughtful movements, you

Wanted -- original pressing of Blackberry County Line's debut album, A Wing And That Other Thing, featuring the original "nude creek" cover

Wanted -- camping trip, conversation with Eddie Vedder... Eddie??

Wanted -- wakeful dream

Wanted -- Powerless Joe Jackson rookie card, The Mountain Sox, 1919, manufactured by Ol Brown Eyes Whisky Collectible Card Company

Wanted -- comfortable silence

Wanted -- the all-new two-thousand dollar Gelapi

Wanted -- a minstrel's life

Wanted -- participants for the upcoming reality series Doom & Groom -- "Are you engaged to your downfall?? Contact us and let us know!! We want you! Send us a tape and let us know why you think you're closer to the abyss than the next person! Submissions to Associated TV Production Company Television."

Wanted -- a float trip, cooler full of ice, a friend's dog

Wanted -- a warm place to land

Wanted -- all the love I never gave

Wanted -- a deeper understanding still

Wanted -- lost-porch weirdness

Wanted -- songs by a fire

Wanted -- any original theatrical posters featuring silent film clown Buster Koan

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

regenerative healing ability

soft and syllabic,

Monday, February 21, 2011

"Tembloroso Creative Lab is a collaboration between Jim Ward, Kristine Ward, Armando Alvarez, and Brandon Silverstein. Our goal is to provide a worldwide voice for El Paso’s artists and musicians.

We started Tembloroso Creative Lab on May 1, 2009 with the release of Jim Ward’s “In The Valley, On The Shores”, which quickly sold thousands of copies around the world. In addition to music, we now sell posters, t-shirts, shoes, and other pieces of unique art."

Neat stuff! And a new place to order the Special Edition DVD of my movie Motel, Glimpse!

Friday, February 18, 2011

the room--
a long time ago
and today

all i didn't do
and all i did

all i do



I would recommend spending some of your time with Slow Western Ghost.

Monday, February 14, 2011

the body told you
but you weren't listening

more, she told you
but you weren't listening

you'd noise on mind,
a thousand little dream of fish,
and you missed the fever gathering in chest,
the coming chills
like sea-borne shivers


you had to map and know

every square foot of ocean

on a planet covered almost entirely in ocean

and when you were almost done

you forgot all you knew

and had to start over

you had to map and know

every square foot of ocean

on a planet covered almost entirely in ocean

and when you were almost done

you forgot all you knew

and had to start over

you had to map and know

every square foot of ocean

on a planet covered almost entirely in ocean

and when you were almost done

you forgot all you knew

and had to start over

'i want out of this...'

'i want out of this...'

reaching hands reaching

a room to cross
and your legs long

but you can't move

to her

reaching hands reaching

her voice and hands
her body's warmth a dream...

'mira, mira,' she said...
'there be eyes in your head...
there be instinct
borne of your chest...'

to be un-cold...

when you came to
you were soaked through

a thousand years old
and alone

like a baby

you could see and hear
everything all at once

and love,
you are not alone

Sunday, February 13, 2011

emotional stuffing
lay all over town

i had not realized i was ripped

Those long-ago days at Bob Valens University...
Our pencils and paper...
Our dreams,

It was looking together

It was slightly swollen

It was almost too bright

It was morning

I'll see you again

Of course you would find a fine place to sleep...
Thoughts of future,
Her low-hanging fruit

And this too shall pass

Out here in belief...
Out here where the Sleepwalk instrumental plays...



Out on that bridge...
Oh God...
It calls you back

It howls your name

I mean really...
Who are you??

Friday, February 11, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011

a night in this house on the hill not unlike the very first night here:
standing at picture window, looking past the silhouetted trees and out across the living city,
recognizing change

sacred things

i had turned the lights out in our then-new house
and called you to the window to show you

sacred things

"let it go, baby
i love you"

let it go

but bring a blanket to wrap around your shoulders, please,
for i know you can get so cold

and i love you so

Friday, February 04, 2011

I had not fully realized I was doing it all to help myself...
That I was leaving myself notes....


chin job
chin city

ass-less chaps

tired mountain,
bring the light on

all gussied up
nowhere to grow

the silence bears all


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

rock lifted
crawdad did a little jump-skip
he was quick
but you had to catch him
and you did

we were creek!

up out the water
tiny fingers gripped his mid-sides
let them pincers wide

antenna eyes

laughter on the belly high
in a warm arena of sun
and a stoppage of time

we were creek!

but then you let him go
go crawdad go
little daddy-o

you always let 'em go
for to each a home

we were creek!